Custom Turning Samples

CNC precision machining plastic metal cnc lathe aluminum parts led lamp heat dissipation part JX is available for provide lathe aluminum turning with nickel plated cylinder parts turning copper cnc machining, lathe premise of reasonable choice of cnc lathe meet the technological requirements of...

Product Details

Custom turning samples,we are the factory whom is concentrate in prototypes making ,samll batch production and so on. as we are main business is in overseas, so we take our quality as our life.

Aluminum alloy  Batch Production, tight tolerance ,assure for the assembly , and well know the techlogoy ,good communication skill, Custom Aluminum  Samples and small batch Production aluminum 7075  Turning Parts samples and production  




Q : Did you ever been received complain from customer?

A : Normally no, but only there happend package damage compalin once.

Q: Do you have experience for complex jobs?

A: Yes, we are confidence and happy to challeange!

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