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Professional custom rotating piece industrial metal products non-standard copper joint flange production We are Professional custom non-standard flange and metal cnc milling parts processing with powder coated.Industrial copper connector can be used for gas, water, oil and other substances, such...

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High quality  Flange CNC Milling Parts


CNC Turning is a machining process similar to milling however the billet which is in the form of a bar, is rotated and the cutting tool is held against the bar to remove the material to your desired shape. Turning is typically suited to cylindrical parts and has a high level of accuracy.

Suitable Applications

High accuracy parts (Possible up to +/- 0.001mm)

A huge variety of Plastics and Metals including ABS, Nylon, PEEK, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass Etc..

Suitable for a range of applications and industries

Material structure or properties are not altered after production

Scalable production

Certified Materials

Range of finishes

Parts built within 2 business days


round parts view 01.jpg


turning production.jpg


Q: What is the Warranty for the rotary joint?
A: For the rotary joint, we have 1 year warranty. We replace the assemble for you for free.

Q: Could you provide custom size product for us?
A: We welcome custom size and can arrange the production according to your drawing or request.

Q: What kind of media that your rotary joint can used for?
A: We have different kinds of rotary joints for water, hot oil, steam and air.

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