Precision Metal And Aluminum Prototype

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high quality metal and Aluminum Prototype

we offer   below service 

     • CNC Machining
     •  Rapid prototyping
      • Mold making, 
      • Injection moulding
      • Sheet metal stamping 

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Our clear production and inspection working flow guarantee our best quality control aspect. Within the production, our experienced engineers and good trained employees make sure every steps rigidly obeyed as customers requirements.

Fully documents of every dimension and data makes good traceable advantage for customers. Every batch have first off, in process and last off inspection. Before delivery, Visual Inspection is also carried out to double assure the components are exactly meet your specification. Precision inspection tools and equipmets and gauges such as micrometres, Vernier calliper’s, height gauges and pin gauges are used by our QC before shipment.

In one word,our quality are controlled by below advantages:

1、Experienced engineers and high skilled people.

2、Clear and effective working flow.

3、Reliable material supplier and certificates of every piece of material.

4、Well-equipped production and frequently inspection during the process.

5、Traceable documents for customers’ reference.

6、Rigid inspection of components before every delivery. And 100% visual inspection to ensure no  visual defect components shipment……



 Prototype factory.jpg


veiw parts Prototype.jpg



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