Non-standard CNC Lathe Parts

Professional custom rotating piece industrial metal products non-standard copper joint flange production We are Professional custom non-standard flange and metal cnc milling parts processing with powder coated.Industrial copper connector can be used for gas, water, oil and other substances, such...

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Non-standard CNC lathe Parts

JX Auto-Mated Parts, Inc. currently serves a diverse range of markets that include Aerospace, Electronics, Medical equipment, musical instruments, hydraulic and pneumatic valve components, and test specimens and instrumentation.

Our continuing commitment to quality, delivery reliability, innovation and ingenuity has won the respect and appreciation of hundreds of our customers. We invite you to contact our engineers and let them help with your current manufacturing needs.

Our 14+ years of ISO 9001 certification is only one of many examples of our strategic drive to attain manufacturing excellence in the machining of turned metal parts and to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions to their component-level needs.

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