Precision Turning Non-standard Parts

Precision Turning Non-standard Parts

Precision Automatic Turning Non-standard Parts cnc machined prototypes and anodized aluminium alloy turning chrome parts ,plated parts production etc

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Turning Machine Parts Stainless steel Rapid Prototyping Process Our service project Steps Of The CNC Machining Parts 1 . analysis part drawing, see artifacts (geometry, workpiece material, technicalrequirements, etc.)2 . to determine the parts of cnc machining process, machining, processing route3 . the necessary numerical calculation, calculation of the coordinates of the nodes (bp)4 . write programs list (different machine tools are different, comply with the manual)5 . program check (input program into machine tool, and graphical simulation, verify thecorrect programming)6 . the workpiece processed (good process control can be a very good save time and improvethequality of processing)7 . workpiece quality acceptance and error analysis (the test artifacts, qualified into thenext.Dont is qualified by quality analysis and find out the cause of error correcting method). Rapid prototype RP/RPM:RP is an advanced manufacturing technology ,It can make customers’design to be reality by make parts according to the drawings , specified materials, and other aspects of the requirements of the customers . Its main purpose is to help the client have a comprehensive understanding of their new design from the structure, the appearance, strength ,etc . And also help customers to promote innovation of thier products , shorten new product development cycle, improve product competitiveness so as to make new products into the market the fastest the most economically .

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