Stainess Steel Turning Parts Service

CNC precision machining plastic metal cnc lathe aluminum parts led lamp heat dissipation part JX is available for provide lathe aluminum turning with nickel plated cylinder parts turning copper cnc machining, lathe premise of reasonable choice of cnc lathe meet the technological requirements of...

Product Details

Stainess Steel Turning Parts Service , aluminum alloy CNC machining and turning,

samping with welding , laser cutting with silk printing, silicone soft part with coating etc...

JINGXIN company professional proofing plastic and metal products, the range of industries including home appliances, electronics, lighting, etc., we undertake from the product design, sample production, small batch production and other one-stop services, because it involves the guests Signed a confidentiality agreement, so please send RFQ details to the company email, but also welcome to inquire!





Q: How long do you make a mould?

A: Normally  3- 7weeks.

Q: How do you control process when start production?
A:  timely checking / make records/solve problems etc...

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