CNC Milling And Lathe Metal Parts

CNC turning with threaded Customize all kinds of screws, car parts, stamping parts, springs and other hardware accessories.The number of unlimited (1 also) CNC machining, laser cutting, CNC lathe machining, milling machine processing, EDM, precision non-standard parts processing, mechanical products custom processing, model parts production and processing, all kinds of metal materials (copper , Aluminum, 45 # steel, CR12 steel, stainless steel, etc.) and non-(PE, PP, PVC, ABS, PMMA, POM, PC, PA, etc.) processing

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CNC milling and lathe metal parts

CNC machining route to determine

CNC lathe feed machining route refers to the tool from the knife point (or machine fixed origin) from the start, until the return to this point and the end of the machining process by the path, including the cutting path and cut into the tool, cut out and other non-cutting Empty travel path.

Finishing the feed route is basically along the order of the parts contour, therefore, to determine the feeding route is to determine the focus of roughing and empty travel of the feeding route.

In CNC lathe processing, the processing route to determine the general follow the following principles.

① should be able to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece and the surface roughness.

② the shortest route to processing, reducing empty travel time and improve processing efficiency.

③ try to simplify the numerical calculation of the workload, simplifying the processing procedures.

④ For some reusable programs, subprograms should be used.

CNC advantages and disadvantages

CNC machining has the following advantages:

① a substantial reduction in the number of tooling, machining complex parts do not require complex tooling. To change the shape and size of parts, only need to modify the parts processing procedures, for new product development and modification.

② processing stable quality, high precision, high repetition accuracy, adapt to the aircraft processing requirements.

③ multi-species, small batch production under higher production efficiency, reduce production preparation, machine adjustment and process inspection time, but also because of the use of the best cutting and reduce the cutting time.

④ Machinable conventional methods difficult to process complex profiles, and even can process some unobservable processing sites.

The disadvantage of CNC machining is the high cost of machine tools and equipment, requiring maintenance personnel with a high level.




Q: Do you have 5 axis CNC milling machine ?
A:No. we only have two sets of 5 axis CNC milling machine, but we do have 5 axis CNC milling machine sub contractor which we had more than four years business cooperation.


Q: How do you check the high quality flatness products?
A: TBD. This should be start from the initial process to control, final inspection is just for double checking purpose, we will report to you once we received RFQ from you. But Don’t worry please ,we will only see yes when we feel confidence project, and we will be sure inform to you at quotation stage.


Q: Do you do polish in house or outsourcing ?
A: We have our own after finish department, there have 5person in that team. You may visit to our website for more details or just send email to us!

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