Milling Multiple Metal Parts Protoypes

General process description: cnc processing: cnc processing equipment according to the programmer to write the program processing, the material out of prototype products. After finish: Just come out from the the machine ,its surface looking have a lot of burrs, knives, need to go through manual grinding. milling multiple metal parts protoypes Sandblasting: in order to make surface looking perfect,we usually add a extra process sand blasting if customer approve with it. Surface finish :Anodizing ,color is TBD. Quality check: OK (go with package) NG(go to last process and repair or remake )

Product Details

milling multiple aluminum parts protypes and production

Product Name: CNC machining various platic and metal material 

Processing methods: cnc machining, reaming hole,lathe turning, bore a hole,hand polish

Product surface finish: 

Material: aluminum 6061-T6 

Size: as per specification

Color: as per specification

Delivery: TBD



Q: Do you know what’s the most important when you build business with your clients?
A: To be honest.


Q: Do you support laser cutting logo service as well?
A: Yes, our service is one-stop chain service. So just send RFQ details to us please!


Q: Do your bank accept  Euro Currency ?
A: Yes, we do, we can accept below wire transfer( HKDUSDGBPAUDCADEURJPYSGDCHFNZDTHB )


Q: How many shift do you working ?
A: TBD, for mass production job, we will setting in two shift, for Custom prototypes ,we only run one shift.

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