Custom CNC Milling Parts With Funcation Assembly

Custom CNC Milling Parts With Funcation Assembly

CNC production non-standard aluminum parts injection molded parts in bulk assembly of independent packaging CNC parts mass production mechanical products and phone rear shell non-standard parts. CNC processing is our specialty, we have more than 10 years of experience in processing. The products...

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Custom Cnc Milling parts with funcation assembly Custom cnc milling  Phone Rear Shell Non-standard Parts 

multipy surface machining requested years engineering experience and 5axis precision milling machine ,and also need high precision clamp jig to support machining. do you have related design  need custom samples? please offer the chance and send RFQ to us!

Professional custom metal, plastic samples and small batch production




Q: Do you do extrusion ABS pipe?
A: Yes, we had been delivery to USA and Australia, Ireland before.


Q: Do you do incoming quality check? and how?
A: Yes, we do incoming quality check, since we concern the importance of procedure at prototype zone, so we usually use Vernier and weight scale ,visual look ,and related shipping documents to do IQC inspection.

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