Aerospace Series Custom Protoypes And Production

Aerospace Series Custom Protoypes And Production

R & D of new products need to be based on product drawings, the first to do a prototype out to verify, mainly to verify the design of the product is reasonable, in the hand proofing industry, the need for aluminum alloy hand Shouban more and more, Aluminum alloy is not only light weight, good strength, and the surface of the aluminum plate after oxidation will be better, at some time ago can help to do an aluminum plate proofing, the following to introduce its processing:

Product Details

Aerospace series Custom protoypes 

The general business in the development of products when the need to do Shouban, mainly to verify the design of the product is reasonable, there may be some products are made of metal materials, in our Shouban industry, the metal material can also be Shouban, commonly used metals Materials are: aluminum, stainless steel, brass, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, etc .; mainly by way of cnc processing, below we want to introduce metal plate processing process which:

Programming: programmers analyze 3D drawings, write programming language control CNC machining center.

CNC machining: cnc processing equipment in accordance with the procedures set by the path of work, the excess material removed above, so as to get the prototype of the product.

Manual processing: CNC processing out of the palm, the surface of a knife marks, Phillips, need to be polished.

Surface treatment: General metal hand after some surface treatment, the appearance will be better, such as: injection, silk screen, electroplating, sandblasting, oxidation, drawing, laser engraving, etc.

Our Advantages:

  1. We have a professional R&D team, and we are not just production factory.

  2. OEM/ODM: custom fabrication exactly according to your drawings or samples or parameters,According to our 11 years of experience, make reasonable Suggestions.

  3. Guarantee of quality: our guarantee of product life is derived from the accurate and proper product material, reasonable design of the product, and full inspection of the products.We are the factory to provide the most reasonable and high quality prices。

  4. We will provide you with the most economical and safe way of shipment.


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