CNC Aluminum Prototypes And Small Volume Production

CNC Aluminum Prototypes And Small Volume Production

JX plant development and expansion phase at the moment, the operation mechanism is flexible and can meet the requirements of many customers. Main products or services: product proofing, sample production, the appearance of Shouban model production, the structure Shouban model production: rapid die, small batch mold (production), painting silk screen, model design, aluminum model production, metal model.

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CNC aluminum prototypes and small volume production

The importance of Custom prototypes

1. Test the design. prototypes is not only visible but also touchable. He can intuitively reflect the designer's ideas in kind and avoid the disadvantages of "drawing good looks and not looking good". Therefore, prototypes production in the development of new products, product appearances in the process is essential.

2. Test structure design. Because the hand board can be assembled, so it can intuitively reflect the structure is reasonable or not, the ease of installation. Facilitate the early detection of problems and solve problems.

3. Avoid the risk of mold directly. As the mold manufacturing costs are generally high, large mold worth hundreds of thousands or even millions, if you open the mold found in the structure of unreasonable or other problems, the loss can be imagined. prototypes production can avoid this loss and reduce the risk of mold.

4. Make the product available time is greatly advanced. Due to the advanced nature of hand-made, you can use the hand-board for product promotion, even pre-sales, production preparation and early occupation of the market before the mold is developed.


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