Rotary Shaft HINGE Custom Prototypes And Production

Rotary Shaft HINGE Custom Prototypes And Production

Rotary shaft HINGE Damping shaft Notebook shaft Shaft PC shaft Shaft hinge Shaft hinge Shaft hinge Shaft hinge Shaft hinge Shaft hinge Shaft hinge Shaft hinge Shaft Desk lamp shaft, Bluetooth keyboard shaft, mouse shaft, cell phone shaft, electronic dictionary shaft, point reading machine shaft, video game shaft, camera shaft, portable DVD shaft, GPS shaft, scanner shaft, projector shaft, stamping parts, lathe parts, Die casting and so on Factory Professional customized torque hinges ,applications:Laptop, DV vidicon ,Bluetooth Keyboard,GPS and so on.

Product Details

Product Description:

Shaft technical requirements

1. Rotary unilateral moving friction torque value:

2 shaft life test 20000 times, the attenuation rate of not more than 15% of the test angle of 0-60 °;

3 axis of the effective opening angle of 0-60 shipping angle of 0 °; 0 feel

4. The product surface shall not have any stains and edges;

5. Grease use G-1523;

6. Parts in line with the EU ROHS norms




Our Advantages:

  1. We have a professional R&D team, and we are not just production factory.

  2. OEM/ODM: custom fabrication exactly according to your drawings or samples or parameters,According to our 11 years of experience, make reasonable Suggestions.

  3. Guarantee of quality: our guarantee of product life is derived from the accurate and proper product material, reasonable design of the product, and full inspection of the products.We are the factory to provide the most reasonable and high quality prices。

  4. We will provide you with the most economical and safe way of shipment.





Our hardware factory is an integrated enterprise which specialist engaged in design and manufacturing 3C products ----HINGE , mold and also sheet metal stamping manufacturing. It has passed the certification of ISO9001: 2000 quality management system .

It is a People-oriented company, to the technology as the guide, vigorously to introduce advanced technology and talents, increasing technological development and investment, focusing on communication and exchange business through industry-leading organizations domestic and abroad, After years of credit management, our company has a large number of industrial senior technical personnel and a number of national patent technology, In IT, digital and communications and other areas show a strong competitive and win the full recognition from large number of well-known customers in domestic abroad.     

Our spirit of enterprise and first purpose :  "the pursuit of excellence, enterprising"  "strive for perfection, beyond expectations"


Q: How do you check the high quality flatness products?
A: TBD. This should be start from the initial process to control, final inspection is just for double checking purpose, we will report to you once we received RFQ from you. But Don’t worry please ,we will only see yes when we feel confidence project, and we will be sure inform to you at quotation stage.


Q: Do you do polish in house or outsourcing ?
A: We have our own after finish department, there have 5person in that team. You may visit to our website for more details or just send email to us!


Q: Do you have experience for container shipment?
A: Yes,we do , though the experience is not at current factory, but our shipper in charge whom has more than 9years shipping export experience. We can support both air and sea booking shipment.


Q: Do you know what’s the most important when you build business with your clients?
A: To be honest.

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