Plastic Injection Parts

Plastic Injection Parts

Production of mold parts for injection molding parts Professional mold manufacturing, like the plastic injection parts tableware household mold tub mould box plastic mold. You only need to send us the order of the product you need, we will arrange the injection. After the completion of the...

Product Details

Production of mold parts for injection molding parts

High quality mould request as below:

1) Detailed mold design information is required.

2) The hardness of the mold must be at least BHN280.

3) The mold surface (including the upper and lower molds) must be at least in the 48 RC hardness range. Hard tool steel should be used for all other accessories such as sliders, inclined tops, and tops.

4) The ejector machine must have a guide.

5) The side slider must be equipped with a loss plate.

6) A temperature controller should be installed where possible on the upper mold, lower mold, slider or mold.

7) In the life of the mold, due to the erosion of the cooling water pipeline, the quality of the product is reduced and the injection cycle is increased. It is recommended that the insert or template for cooling the water is used for anti-erosion treatment.

8) All molds of this type are equipped with a parting line clamping mechanism.

mould injection.jpg

injection parts.jpg


Q: How we deal with the failure part if we get the feedback from customer?
A: If the quality issue is confirmed because of our responsibility, then we will send new products to customer to replace the failure parts.

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