Rapaid Tooling And Injection

Mold injection molding production cost reduction comes from mould manufacturer Custom the plastic water bottle mould steel mold and cold runner mould low cost tooling. The advantage of domestic die production is that it can get rid of many standard rules and regulations. We will do our best in...

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Rapaid Tooling and injection


Injection Moulding is the process where plastic resin is injected into a cavity (or mould) and set. Injection Moulding is used to produce low, medium to high volume end use plastic parts. Set up costs are usually thousands of pounds but the individual parts are often then only pennies and so can become extremely cost efficient.

Suitable Applications

High level of accuracy (Tool possible up to +/- 0.08mm)

Low, medium and high volume production parts

Extensive range of materials and colours available including recyclable materials

Choice of surface finishes

Aluminium and Steel Moulds available for lower & higher volume runs

Low part costs due to economy of scale

Range of finishes

Broad range of sector of applications (Consumer, Automotive, etc)

Parts produced in less than 15 days


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Please send details to us, then we will advice to you soon!

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Q:If not satisfied with finished prototype,what can we do? 
A: If it is our responsibility,we will make another one for you for free till you are satisfied.Thank you!

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