Export Injection Plastic Mold

LED lampshade plastic mold , Auto plastic parts mold, plastic toy mold, household electrical plastic shell mould and other export quality plastic mold, long life plastic mold.

Product Details

Export injection plastic mold :

That we use in our daily life and production to the various tools and products, to the base of the machine tool, the fuselage shell, small to a variety of plastic toy parts, as well as a variety of household appliances shell, and has close relation with the mould.The shape of the mould determines the shape of these products, and the quality and precision of the molds determine the quality of these products.Because of the different materials, appearance, specifications and USES of various products, the mold is divided into casting die, die-casting mould, stamping die and other non-plastic mold, as well as plastic injection mould.

The components of plastic injection mold are:

A molding device: concave die/convex die.

B positioning device: guide post/guide bushing.

C fixed device H plate/Code mode pit.

D cooling system: water line hole.

E: thermostatic system heating tube/cartridge heater

F runner system: sprue hole/Flow/runner hole.

G ejector pin.

Hot runner system, also known as hot runner system, mainly consists of hot sprue jacket, hot runner plate and temperature control box.Our common hot runner system has single point hot gate and multi-point hot runner.The single point hot gate is a single hot runner, which is used to insert the molten plastic into the cavity directly.The multi-point hot gate is used to separate the melt material from the hot runner to the heat gate sleeve and then into the cavity. It is suitable for single cavity multi-point feeding or multi-cavity mold.

Export injection plastic mold

Packaging Details:Wooden Packing Or According To Customer's Requirement
Need time :25-45 Days T0 test

Delivery: by DHL or UPS or TNT or air or sea.

Export mold making factory.


Q. Can we see your factory?

A: of course, you can always welcome to see the factory.Let us know more about your detailed requirements after meeting, the cooperation will be more smooth and pleasant!

Q. If we know that the mold you made is in line with our requirements?

A: you can make A list of your requirements first. We will take photos and video to update the molds for you during the production process.You need to confirm that we will use photos or video to prove that we can meet your requirements.

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