Hot Runner Mould Injection

Professional hot runner mould injection parts mould needle valve type mould banana gate type plastic mould. When we are making the big mold, will recommend the needle valve type hot runner technology, needle valve type hot runner technology with its unique process control technology. The reliability of parts can be improved to a higher degree, make the melt flow in the 3d cavity more faster, more smooth. For the product to bring a faster cycle, play a particularly important role in improve the quality of the parts.

Product Details

Hot Runner Mould Injection

1.Product Design,Structural Optimization,Process Optimization 
2.Mold Making,Plastic Molding Parts,Casting Parts,Machining Part 
3.Manage Project,Control The Delivery and Quality of Products 
4.Arranging the Transportation,Customs Clearance and other Matters for You

1.Professional design team 
2.Professional mold design team 
3.Professional mold making machines 
4.Professional mold and product QC and tec team 
5.Rich mold making experience with different clients from various country
6.Our professional engineers team design, make and check the mold in each step:
7.Our engineers follow the molds' production every week to make sure all of them are in schedule; 
8.After trial production, we will check the samples to make sure all are right 
9.We will send the sample and dimension report to our clients for approval
10.After everything is OK, we will do final inspection on the molds and products before shipment.




Q: What kinds of materials you can process?
A: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, brass, plastic etc metal.

Q: What kind of surface treatment you can provide?
A: Polishing,chrome plating,zinc plating,nickel plating,anodize,power coating, aluminum oxide, brushing.

Q: What kind of facilities do you have?
A:Wire-cut, electric discharge master(EDM), CNC machining center, high speed punch, bending machine, injection machine etc,and CMM, tool microscope, projector, height gauge toassure good quality high quality.

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