Mould Injection Parts Banana Gate Type Plastic Mould

ADVANTAGE: 1.Professional design team 2.Professional mold design team 3.Professional mold making machines 4.Professional mold and product QC and tec team 5.Rich mold making experience with different clients from various country 6.Our professional engineers team design, make and check the mold in each step: 7.Our engineers follow the molds' production every week to make sure all of them are in schedule; 8.After trial production, we will check the samples to make sure all are right 9.We will send the sample and dimension report to our clients for approval 10.After everything is OK, we will do final inspection on the molds and products before shipment.

Product Details

Mould Injection Parts  Banana Gate Type Plastic Mould

This type of hot runner system has many advantages not available with hot tip and shrouded runner systems. Such as people can control the gate switch time, the gate is smooth and can expand the hot runner technology and other technical fields.

Because the valve gate is closed by the mechanical action of the valve needle, not by the gate at the plastic cooling time limit, so the valve gate flow channel system can sometimes greatly reduce the plastic molding cycle. The gate size can also be larger, which is good for processing shear-sensitive plastic. Valve gate method can process a few grams of small parts, but also processing a few kilograms of heavy parts. A variety of engineering plastics can be used valve gate processing parts. If a mold in a number of different sizes of cavities, such as the use of valve-type flow channel system can be through the gate control of the switching time in order to achieve the flow of each cavity were adjusted and control. This is a great disparity between the shape and size of a multi-cavity mold, the significance is particularly significant. There are also high-productivity, multi-parting molds that are available only through the use of valve-type hot runner systems.

Place of Origin: DONGGUAN, China (Mainland)
Model Number: injection mold, Custom Made Molds
Shaping Mode: Plastic Extrusion Mould, Plastic Injection Mould
Product Material: Aluminium, Metal
Product: Plastic injection Mould
Name: needle valve type hot nozzle from YUDO
Runner:Hot Runner\ Cold Runner
Dimension: Depends on products
Surface treatment: Mirror Polishing Mould, etc
Finish time for first sample:As the customer's requirement,we will finish as soon as possible.
Material: stainless steel.
Packaging:Wooden Packing Or According To Customer's Requirement



1.Product Design,Structural Optimization,Process Optimization
2.Mold Making,Plastic Molding Parts,Casting Parts,Machining Part
3.Manage Project,Control The Delivery and Quality of Products
4.Arranging the Transportation,Customs Clearance and other Matters for You



Q: Do your guys have experience in game project such as housing or train?
A: Yes, we do. You may send request details to us such as (cavity ,parts material ,rapid tool or mass production tool ,HASCO STANDARD or LKM or Chinese mould base, quantity ,mould life) etc…!


Q: Do your company can support moldflow ?
A: Yes, we do. There separate it in two conditions, one is do normal moldflow analysis in house, its cheap; the other one is do it through our sub-contractor, this is expensive but very details, can involve shrinkage , deformation, etc.. details, and will also can submit MFR format.

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