Needle Valve Type Plastic Mould

ADVANTAGE: 1.Professional design team 2.Professional mold design team 3.Professional mold making machines 4.Professional mold and product QC and tec team 5.Rich mold making experience with different clients from various country 6.Our professional engineers team design, make and check the mold in each step: 7.Our engineers follow the molds' production every week to make sure all of them are in schedule; 8.After trial production, we will check the samples to make sure all are right 9.We will send the sample and dimension report to our clients for approval 10.After everything is OK, we will do final inspection on the molds and products before shipment.

Product Details

Valve-pin hot mouth, good color change performance, suitable for most plastics, good flow properties, very fine gate marks and so on. Valve gate hot runner system The most complex plastic mold structure. It has the same structure with the common plastic mold of hot runner system, and more than one set of valve needle control valve needle opening and closing movement. The transmission device is equivalent to a hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic device of the injection machine is connected with the mold to form a hydraulic circuit to realize the opening and closing movement of the valve needle and control the injection of molten plastic into the cavity.

Material: stainless steel.
Packaging:Wooden Packing Or According To Customer's Requirement



1.Product Design,Structural Optimization,Process Optimization
2.Mold Making,Plastic Molding Parts,Casting Parts,Machining Part
3.Manage Project,Control The Delivery and Quality of Products
4.Arranging the Transportation,Customs Clearance and other Matters for You



Q: Do your bank accept  Euro Currency ?
A: Yes, we do, we can accept below wire transfer( HKDUSDGBPAUDCADEURJPYSGDCHFNZDTHB )


Q: Do your guys can design 2D and 3D mould?
A: Yes, we do. You may send RFQ to have a testing!


Q: Do your guys have experience in pen mould making?
A: Yes, we do. You may send request details to us such as (HASCO STANDARD or LKM or Chinese mould base, quantity ,mould life) etc…!


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