Long Life Toy Parts Tooling Design And Production

With the rapid development of plastic industry and the popularization and application of plastic products in the aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, shipbuilding and automobile industries, injection molds are also important technological equipment for producing various industrial products. The higher the traditional mold design method has been unable to meet today's requirements.Compared with the traditional mold design, computer-aided engineering (CAE) technology in improving productivity, product quality assurance, or in reducing costs and reduce labor intensity Aspects, have great advantages..

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Injection mold in the processing, all kinds of CNC machining are used, the most widely used CNC milling and machining centers, CNC wire cutting and CNC EDM die in CNC machining applications are also very common, the main application of wire cutting in each Straight-wall mold processing, such as stamping punch and die, injection mold inserts, slide, EDM electrodes. Mold parts with high hardness, the use of machining methods can not be processed, most of the EDM, the other for the mold cavity sharp corners, deep cavity parts, such as narrow slot EDM is also used. The CNC lathe is mainly used for processing mold standard parts rod, as well as the rotary mold cavity or core, such as bottles, pots of injection molds, shafts, disk parts forging die. In the mold processing, the application of CNC drilling can also play a role in improving machining accuracy and shorten the processing cycle. Die widely used in modern manufacturing components of the product forming, almost all need to use the mold to complete. Therefore, the mold industry is an important part of the national high-tech industries, is an important and valuable technical resources. Optimize the mold system structure design and CAD / CAE / CAM of the parts, and make them intelligent. Improve the forming process of the parts and the standardization of the mold, improve the precision and quality of the mold manufacturing, and reduce the surface grinding and polishing operations. And manufacturing cycle; research, application of various types of mold parts used in high-performance, cutting special materials to improve mold performance; in order to adapt to market diversification and trial production of new products, the application of rapid prototyping technology and rapid system Die technology to rapid manufacturing molding die, plastic injection mold or die casting, should be the next 5 to 20 years of mold production technology trends.


Q: Do you do polish in house or outsourcing ?
A: We have our own after finish department, there have 5person in that team. You may visit to our website for more details or just send email to us!


Q: Do you have experience for container shipment?
A: Yes,we do , though the experience is not at current factory, but our shipper in charge whom has more than 9years shipping export experience. We can support both air and sea booking shipment.


Q: Do you know what’s the most important when you build business with your clients?
A: To be honest.


Q: Do you support laser cutting logo service as well?
A: Yes, our service is one-stop chain service. So just send RFQ details to us please!


Q: Do your bank accept  Euro Currency ?
A: Yes, we do, we can accept below wire transfer( HKDUSDGBPAUDCADEURJPYSGDCHFNZDTHB )


Q: How many shift do you working ?
A: TBD, for mass production job, we will setting in two shift, for Custom prototypes ,we only run one shift.

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