Metal Bending Jig Design And Assembly

Quick tooling for the production of factory professional tools Quick assembly tooling and mounting plate tools jig components metal bending jig. Before the industrial age, it was widely used. It includes mechanical fixture, carpentry jig, welding jig, jewelry jig, and other fields. Some types of...

Product Details

Metal Bending Jig design and assembly

Professional design, manufacture, sales of various structures micro switch automatic assembly machine, touch switch automatic assembly machine, slide switch automatic assembly machine, mouse encoder switch automatic assembly machine, protector switch automatic assembly machine, high-quality British plug automatic Assembly machines, stationery automatic assembly machines, electro-acoustic products, automatic assembly machines, connectors, automatic assembly machines, automatic terminal assembly machines; our equipment fully automated operation is stable and reliable, simple, safe and efficient, a machine can save 10- 20 people, the machine can be installed strength testing, testing of conductive properties, automatic distinction between good and bad products, can effectively ensure the stability of product quality.

Automation equipment features

: Save labor and high efficiency, enabling multiple products simultaneously;

: A high degree of intelligence, precision optical fiber detection of missing material, to achieve a material automatically boot, no material automatically shut down, lack of material for a long time automatic alarm;

   Automatic monitoring of product quality, stable performance;

: Production capacity and the obvious advantages of traditional methods, depending on the circumstances; Under normal circumstances 30 times / min;

: PLC control, stable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance, low failure rate.

: Use touch screen operation, with abnormal alarm and prompt function


1. FAST in repose, solving problem, delivery etc.
2. PROFESSIONAL in designing, modifying & improving drawings etc.
3. EXPERT in production, skills etc.
4. SERIOUSLY in quality checking & control
5. COMPETITIVE in price & shipping cost
6. PROUD of having you to be one of our customers

Q:How did you find us ?
A: We are the golden VIP member of MADE IN CHINA and SEO searching company. They two party offer credit supplier real job chance.


Q: Do you have 2.5D projector and do you use it inspection?
A: Yes, we have 2.5D projector and use it for our daily shipment inspection.


Q: Do your bank accept  Euro Currency ?
A: Yes, we do, we can accept below wire transfer( HKDUSDGBPAUDCADEURJPYSGDCHFNZDTHB )


Q: Do your guys can design 2D and 3D mould?
A: Yes, we do. You may send RFQ to have a testing!


Q: Do your guys have experience in pen mould making?
A: Yes, we do. You may send request details to us such as (HASCO STANDARD or LKM or Chinese mould base, quantity ,mould life) etc…!



Q: Do your guys have experience in game project such as housing or train?
A: Yes, we do. You may send request details to us such as (cavity ,parts material ,rapid tool or mass production tool ,HASCO STANDARD or LKM or Chinese mould base, quantity ,mould life) etc…!

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