Precision Metal Jig Components

Precision Metal Jig Components

Quick tooling for the production of factory professional tools Quick assembly tooling and mounting plate tools jig components metal bending jig. Before the industrial age, it was widely used. It includes mechanical fixture, carpentry jig, welding jig, jewelry jig, and other fields. Some types of...

Product Details

precision metal Jig Components

Product Name: Precision Automation Equipment Parts Processing

Product Code: Precision automation equipment parts processing

Product size: Customized, customized non-standard or semi-finished products according to customer specifications

Product material: Japan(SKD11;SKD61;SKH51;SKH-9)|USA(AISA;D2;H13;P20;M2)|Germany(DIN;2379;2363;2344;2347)|ASSAB(S136;R

Heat treatment process: air quenching temperature 1190 ° C, tempering secondary temperature 500 ° C + ultra deep cryogenic treatment

Hardness: 58-60 HRC

Grinding accuracy: 0.001mm

EDM machining accuracy: 0.002mm

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1. FAST in repose, solving problem, delivery etc.
2. PROFESSIONAL in designing, modifying & improving drawings etc.
3. EXPERT in production, skills etc.
4. SERIOUSLY in quality checking & control
5. COMPETITIVE in price & shipping cost
6. PROUD of having you to be one of our customers

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