Rapid Manual Type Mould And Tooling

This is a repaid type conception, as its tool life request 20K shots only ,so we had choosen harded 316 material to keep the inserts ,to assure parting line well.

Product Details

rapid manual type mould and tooling

Cavity 1*1cavity

Mould base:common mould base

injection type : cold runner

mould base size: 35*30*30CM

Q:How did you find us ?
A: We are the golden VIP member of MADE IN CHINA and SEO searching company. They two party offer credit supplier real job chance.


Q: Do you have 2.5D projector and do you use it inspection?
A: Yes, we have 2.5D projector and use it for our daily shipment inspection.


Q: Do your bank accept  Euro Currency ?
A: Yes, we do, we can accept below wire transfer


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