Plastic Mold Of Household Goods Injection Mould with Heat Treatment

Plastic Mold of Household Goods injection mould with heat treatment Mold assembly diagram should include the following:    1. Mold forming part of the structure    2. Gating system, exhaust system structure.    3. Parting surface and the way to take pieces.    4. Shape and structure of all connectors, positioning, the location of the guide.    5. Mark the height of the cavity size (not demanding, according to need) and the overall size of the mold.    6. Auxiliary tools (pick-unloading tools, calibration tools, etc.).    7. Make all part numbers in sequence, and fill in the schedule.    8. Mark the technical requirements and instructions for use.

Product Details

Affect the mold structure and die a number of individual systems, many factors, is very complicated:

  1. Cavity layout. According to the geometric features of plastic parts, dimensional accuracy requirements, batch size, mold manufacturing difficulty, mold cost, etc. to determine the number of cavities and their arrangement.

  For the injection mold, the accuracy of plastic parts for the 3 and 3a, the weight of 5 grams, the use of hardening casting system, the number of cavities to take 4-6; plastic parts for the general accuracy (4-5), forming The material is a partially crystalline material, the number of cavities may be 16-20; the weight of the plastic part is 12-16g, the number of the cavities is 8-12; and the plastic parts whose weight is 50-100g are counted in the number of cavities 4-8. For amorphous plastic parts the recommended number of cavities is 24-48, 16-32 and 6-10. When we continue to increase the weight of plastic parts, it is rarely used multi-cavity mold. Accuracy of 7-9 grade plastic parts, the maximum number of cavities than the 4-5-level accuracy of the plastic increased to 50%.

  2. To determine the parting surface. The location of the sub-surface should be conducive to mold processing, exhaust, demoulding and molding operations, the surface quality of plastic parts.

  3. Determine the gating system (main runner, sub-runner and gate shape, location, size) and exhaust system (exhaust method, exhaust slot location, size).

  4. Select the top of the way (ram, pipe jacking, pushing the board, the combination of ejection), determine the concave treatment, the core pulling method.

  5. Determine the cooling, heating and heating cooling groove shape, location, heating element installation site.

  6. According to the mold material, strength calculation or empirical data to determine the thickness of die parts and dimensions, shape and structure of all connections, positioning, guide position.

  7. Determine the main molding parts, structural parts of the structure.

  8. Considering the strength of each part of the mold, calculate the working dimensions of the molded parts.

    If these problems are solved, the structure of the mold will be solved naturally. At this time, you should start to sketch the structure of the mold, ready for the official drawing.



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