Plastic Prototypes Metal Prototypes CNC

Plastic Mold of Household Goods injection mould with heat treatment Mold assembly diagram should include the following:    1. Mold forming part of the structure    2. Gating system, exhaust system structure.    3. Parting surface and the way to take pieces.    4. Shape and structure of all connectors, positioning, the location of the guide.    5. Mark the height of the cavity size (not demanding, according to need) and the overall size of the mold.    6. Auxiliary tools (pick-unloading tools, calibration tools, etc.).    7. Make all part numbers in sequence, and fill in the schedule.    8. Mark the technical requirements and instructions for use.

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Plastic Prototypes Metal Prototypes CNC 

Condition:New  Customized:


Application:Car, Household Appliances, Commodity, Electronic,    

Model No.:

Anodizing Aluminum Metal Parts    

Shaping Mode:CNC Machining    

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