Precsion Moulding Parts

Plastic Mold of Household Goods injection mould with heat treatment Mold assembly diagram should include the following:    1. Mold forming part of the structure    2. Gating system, exhaust system structure.    3. Parting surface and the way to take pieces.    4. Shape and structure of all connectors, positioning, the location of the guide.    5. Mark the height of the cavity size (not demanding, according to need) and the overall size of the mold.    6. Auxiliary tools (pick-unloading tools, calibration tools, etc.).    7. Make all part numbers in sequence, and fill in the schedule.    8. Mark the technical requirements and instructions for use.

Product Details

  • JINXIN was founded in 2008,located in Dongguan City,China.Serving many mold companies at home and abroad,known for good quality,competitive price,reliabilty and on time delivery.Our dedicated and experience staffs are ready to serve you.Contact us today!

  • Product Information

  •  Product name  precision mould parts
     Material imported material:SKD11,SKH9,SKH51,SKH55,high-speed   steel,special material can customize 
     Grinding precision  0.001mm 
     Surface roughness for EDM     
     Ra 0.04 
     EDM precision    0.002mm 
     Grinding angle clearness  0.002mm 
     MOQ    1 PC 
  • Production Information

  •  Product accuracy   diamension tolerance ±0.001mm ,axiality within 0.002mm,roundness  withing 0.0015mm,surfacae roughness wthin Ra 0.025,straightness within 0.002 
     Technique standard  according to national standars GM,JIS,DIN,AISI,ect. and other national standard 
     Technique advantage  
     grinding parts with precision less than 0.002,precise EDM parts with precision less than 0.005
     Production equipment  all machinery used from import ,with EDM 15 sets,grinder 15 sets,,wire-cutting 3 sets,CNC 2 sets,milling machine 1 set
      Our service    grinding process,grinding surface process,electro-discharge(wire EDM),CNC EDM,mirror EDM,CNC processing,precision mold parts process

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