Company Produces China's First Cloned Cat

- Aug 21, 2019-

The cloned British Shorthair cat, named Dasuan, or Garlic in English, was born on July 21, 66 days after a successful embryo transfer in a Sinogene laboratory in Beijing.

Sinogene created the world's first cloned dog using somatic cell transfer technique in 2017.

cat 1

"The company began cat cloning research and experiments last August," said Zhao Jianping, the company's vice-president. "Although the surrogate mother, a 2-year-old domestic cat, is not the same breed as Dasuan, she is showing great maternal instincts and taking good care of the cloned offspring."

cat 2

The dead cat that supplied the cells for cloning and Dasuan look identical and have a great chance of having similar behaviors, Zhao said, but they might have different temperaments.

He said Sinogene was interested in exploring the possibility of transferring memories into cloned pets if such technology ever became available.