Does Anybody Visit Your Campus

- Jul 30, 2019-

Haidian police have seized more than 90 people who illegallydisrupted public order since June.

university of China

Summer vacation has always been the period when university campuses receive the most tourists. 

These include graduates who have just finished the college entrance examination and can hardly wait to visit various campuses as a reference for their voluntary applications, as well as parents who take their children to visit top schools to motivate their learning. 


Besides, some campuses have become important cultural landmarks in a city and attract many tourists just simply for their beautiful scenery.

Here are five popular university campuses in China.

                                             Tsinghua University


The beautiful scenery of Tsinghua's campus and the integration of history attract countless tourists to visit each year to explore the university. Entering the school from the west gate and walking north is the best way to tour the school.

                                                                    Peking University


The campus of Peking University has a long history. It has famous buildings and scenic spots, such as Weiminghu Lake, libraries and a centennial lecture hall. The campus is centered on the Weiminghu Lake with a beautiful and uncomplicated layout.

                                                            Xiamen University


The scenery of Xiamen University can make people feel the beauty of youth. Many TV series for young people have been filmed at the school. The students can enjoy the sea breeze and gorgeous ocean views all year.

                                                           Wuhan University


Cherry blossoms, which grace the middle of the campus every March, draw many tourists to the school. The pink cherry blossoms and the scholarly atmosphere create a delightful scene for visitors.