Dongguan Environmental Protection Department Scrutinizes Illegal Activities Such As Idle Facilities And Illegal Exhaustion Of Environmental Protection Facilities

- Dec 07, 2018-

"Environmental supervision will only continue to strengthen, and the requirements for the implementation of corporate environmental responsibility should be more and more strict." Recently, the municipal environmental protection department notified the list of the 34 batches of enterprises and construction sites that have not implemented air pollution prevention measures. Many of the units directly exhausted the exhaust gas during the weekend and were arrested by the city's atmospheric inspection personnel.

According to reports, since Nov. 26th, the city's environmental protection department has inspected 13 towns and streets in the city for environmental supervision, and found 22 sources of gas pollution. In accordance with the instructions of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the municipal environmental protection department, in this round of supervision, combined with the environmental protection “Sword Action”, carried out special supervision on key areas such as the lakeside garden at the junction of Songshan Lake and Dalang and the core area of air quality control area. Strictly investigate the environmental violations of gas-related sources, urge the pollution sources with problems to implement rectification, and further consolidate the effectiveness of the "Sword Action."

On the 1st of December, on the weekend, the municipal environmental protection department inspected the Dalang Industrial Park opposite the Songshan Lake Lakeside Garden to “look back” and raided the VOCs' waste gas prevention and control work. In Dongguan Guanniu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. in Dalang Xiangshan Industrial Park, the workers are working in the paint room, and the inspectors are approached by the workshop and are smashed with strong paint. After on-site verification, the workshop was not sealed as required, and the smell of paint was directly discharged into the air through the open doors and windows. In an electronic company named “YIXING”, the workers are working overtime in the silk screen shop. The exhaust fan of the exhaust gas treatment facility on the roof is stationary, the indicator lights are not bright, and the VOCs are directly discharged into the atmosphere without any treatment.

The Municipal Atmospheric Office Supervision Team immediately reported the situation to the Dalang Atmosphere Office for follow-up treatment. Once the environmental violation industry was verified, the two companies will face heavy penalties.

Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the supervision team of the municipal environmental protection department said that after entering the winter in Dongguan, there was less wind and less rain, which was not conducive to the spread of pollutants. The situation of winter pollution in air pollution was grim. The Municipal Atmospheric Office will continue to follow up and supervise key areas, and will impose penalties on illegal activities such as idle facilities for environmental protection facilities and illegal discharge of exhaust gas to maintain air quality.