Experts Respond To 5G Radiation Concerns 5G

- Dec 12, 2019-

THE concern of whether there is more radiation coming from 5G base stations than from 4G ones was raised by the public recently. Experts responded with experimental data that shows there is no need to worry about the radiation, a TV program with Shenzhen Media Group reported.


5G base stations are installed in the neighbourhood of Shenzhen Civic Center. File photo


A man surnamed Huang who works at Huaqiangbei Electronic Business Center in Futian District expressed his concern about 5G radiation, because he found that a 5G base station had been installed on the rooftop of his office building and some of his colleagues had bought 5G mobile phones.

To examine the 5G radiation data, the reporter with the TV program and a testing expert went to the rooftop of Huaqiangbei Mingtong Digital Building where a 5G base station is installed.

The testing machine read 0.0055 mW per square centimeter of radiation at a 10-meter distance from the 5G base station. When the machine reached the bottom of the station, the data read 0.0067 mW per square centimeter. Both figures meet the national standard, which is 0.04 mW per square centimeter.

Zhang Sha, president of Shenzhen Institute of Radio Testing, said that the radiation data of all 5G base stations were tested by the relevant national departments and are considered safe for the human body.

Wen Jianguo, deputy head of Futian District Industry and Information Technology Bureau, encourages enterprises to seize the opportunity to research and develop the 5G industry alongside the 5G construction in Futian.


Futian has built 1,500 5G base stations, which fully covers the outdoor space. In the future, the 5G stations will cover more public fields, including education, medical treatment, public transportation and consumption.