How To Celebrate Christmas

- Dec 25, 2019-



Put up a Christmas tree and decorate it. You can choose between a live tree or an artificial one. Then, string lights on the tree by moving from the bottom up, wrapping the lights around each branch. Add garlands to the tree, such as ones made of tinsel, popcorn, or cranberries, by wrapping them around and around the tree. Put your favorite ornaments on the tree, such as Christmas balls, stars, or really any small trinket. To finish the tree, place a tree topper at the tip, such as an angel or star.
  • You can decorate your tree with family heirloom ornaments or try something new by decorating a tree with Star Trek or superhero-themed ornaments, little trains, or Disney characters, for example.

  • Ornaments can be homemade or store-bought. You can even use things like candy canes!

  • Bringing evergreens into the house during winter actually predates the Christmas holiday. It was a way to bring life into the house. Decorating an evergreen tree as a Christmas tradition began in Germany in the 16th century.



Hang stockings over the mantle. Traditionally, kids would hang their actual socks (stockings) over the mantle and St. Nickolas would fill them with coins, foods, or other small trinkets. Now, stockings tend to be decorative, but you still hang them over the mantle for Santa to leave toys and other small gifts in. If you don't have a mantle, hang them off of your television console, on a stair railing, or anywhere that's near your Christmas tree.
  • The stockings were hung over the mantle because that's where they'd put them to dry after a wet winter's day.



Brighten your home with Christmas lights. Try lining the roof of your house with lights or threading them through bushes or around your trees. Hang them up around your porch or make a boundary around your yard. Inside, try hanging them on the mantle, across bookshelves, or along the length of a wall near the ceiling.
  • You could also wrap them around a handrail on your stairs along with some fake evergreen garland.



Add a nativity scene to focus on a religious Christmas. Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birth, so nativity scenes are traditional. Nativity scenes depict the birth of Jesus, including Mary, Joseph, the 3 wise men, shepherds, and all the animals that were in attendance. Baby Jesus is placed in a manager. You can place small ones on your mantle or in other areas of your home, or you can set up a life-size one outside.



Put out poinsettias, evergreens, and mistletoe. These plants have come to be associated with Christmas over the years, so you can usually find them all over at Christmas time. Set out poinsettias in pots around your house, and you'll have an easy, festive Christmas decoration. You can also put up an evergreen wreath or decorate with fake evergreen garlands in your home.
  • Mistletoe is traditionally hung in doorways. If 2 people are caught under it, they're supposed to kiss! Mistletoe also predates the Christmas holiday, but it has long been associated with it.

  • Keep in mind that these plants can be poisonous for pets, so keep them out of reach!



Make decorations to put around your home. You don't have to spend a lot of money to decorate your home for Christmas. Try making paper snowflakes, creating paper chains out red and green paper, or stringing garlands out of popcorn and cranberries. You can also collect pine cones and evergreen branches to place around your home. Oranges are often associated with Christmas, so place some in a bowl. You can even stud them with cloves to make pomanders.
  • You can also spray paint regular tree branches with gold, silver, or sparkly paint, then place them in vases.

  • Candles are also used commonly for Christmas decorations.

  • The traditional Christmas colors are green and red, but you can also use white, gold, and silver, or really any colors you want to make your home festive.

  • You can also make ornaments out of things you have around the house, such as