It's Cheaper To Processing Prototypes Parts Than To Marking Mold

- Jan 18, 2018-

A lot of people who are not familiar with the prototypes parts industry often ask what is the price of the prototypes parts?How does the prototypes parts calculate the price?What is the relationship between material and price?Actually make the prototypes parts is not need to open the mold, the prototypes also can be to open the mold and prepare.It's not as expensive as opening a mold, it's always about tens of thousands, it's scary.The price of the prototypes is 1~2 thousand. The price is much cheaper. How much is it?This is difficult to give an accurate quotation, because the prototypes parts is a customized product.Of course, there are many factors that determine the price of theprototypes parts: the material, the size of the model, the difficult process, the customer's needs, and so on.

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