Solution To Deformation Problems In CNC Machining Of Aluminum Alloy Parts

- Feb 19, 2019-

We know that there are many reasons for the deformation of aluminum alloy parts during CNC machining, which are related to the material, part shape, production conditions, and performance of cutting oil. There are mainly the following aspects: deformation caused by internal stress of the blank, deformation caused by cutting force, cutting heat, and deformation caused by clamping force.

For the processing of such CNC parts, 13 years of cnc processing factory practical experience has come up with some solutions.

1 Optimize the tool structure

Reduce the number of milling cutter teeth to increase the chip space. Due to the large plasticity of the aluminum alloy material, the cutting deformation during processing is large, and a large chip space is required. Therefore, the bottom radius of the chip groove should be large, and the number of teeth of the milling cutter is small.

2 fine grinding teeth

Before using a new knife, you should use a fine stone to grind slightly in front of and behind the teeth to reduce the burrs and slight zigzag remaining when sharpening the teeth. This not only reduces the heat of cutting but also reduces the cutting deformation.

3 Strictly control the wear standard of the tool

After the tool wears, the surface roughness value of the workpiece increases, and the cutting temperature increases, and the deformation of the workpiece increases. Therefore, in addition to the selection of good grinding tool materials, the degree of tool wear should be strictly controlled, otherwise it will easily lead to built-up edge. The temperature of the workpiece during cutting should not be too high to reduce deformation.