Think About The Future Of Mechanical Precision Machining

- May 03, 2018-

Think about the future of mechanical precision machining

First, machine tool composite technology further expands with the progress of CNC machine tool technology, and the composite machining technology is maturing day by day, including milling - car compound, car milling compound, car boring - Drilling - gear machining and so on.           

Two, the Intellectualization Technology of CNC machine has new breakthroughs, and has been more reflected in the performance of CNC system. For example, it can automatically adjust the function of interference and anti-collision, the workpiece automatically withdraws from the protection function of the safety zone, the processing parts detection and the automatic compensation learning function, and the function and quality of the machine can be improved intelligently. The five - axis high-speed machining center has come out.

There is a new progress in the machining technology of precision mechanical parts. The machining precision of CNC gold cutting machine has been raised from the original silk grade to the present micron grade. Some varieties have reached about 0 m. The precision and accuracy of ultra precision CNC machine tools can be stabilized to about 0 m, and the shape accuracy can reach 0 'm. The accuracy of special machining using light, electricity, chemistry and other energy sources can reach nanometer level.

the trend in development is quality first service first machining base on the progressive technology.