Who Do You Admire

- Jul 02, 2019-

Who do you admire?

The answer may be a celebrity whose success story inspires you to never give up, or the friend who has achieved a lot in his or her field, or a family member who possesses particular qualities. 


Many admire historical people, like PRC's first premier and foreign minister, Zhou Enlai.

As an influential figure in China's modern history, Zhou made tremendous contributions to both the country and the Party.


"Study for my country's rise," Zhou said when he was 14 years old. Zhou started to dedicate his life's work to communism and liberation in China. 

Premier Zhou's story impresses younger generations and they love, respect and admire him.


There also are many admirable people around you. They are ordinary people with good qualities. Your parents or teachers could be some of them.

When Mr CD talked with friends about this topic, a friend shared a story about his mother.

This friend regards his mother as the most respectable person he knows, for she taught him many important principles, such as filial piety. 


His mother is the eldest child among her siblings, so she was the apple of her grandmother's eye. When his great-grandmother passed away, he thought his mother couldn't accept that fact. 

However, although he could see deep sorrow in his mother's face, she appeared calm. He asked his mother why she looked so calm. His mother replied, in a peaceful tone, "I know, but I have done everything I could for her. I believe when she left us, she was peaceful and happy."


Then, he conjured up more images related to his mother and great-grandmother. His mother once organized a family trip for his great-grandparents, for most of their lives were spent in a small village. 

Every New Year, his mother would prepare some gifts for them, and help them wash their hair, get a haircut and trim their nails. He admires his mother, for she taught him what the essence of filial piety is and how to practice it.

When you admire a person, you consider this person a role model. The person may have a big influence on the trajectory of your life. The person that you admire generally possesses the qualities that you are pursuing. There are no greater treasures than the human qualities of kindness, persistence and selflessness.