Plastic Injection Molding

* Provide export standard plastic injection mold(HASCO standard, LKM mold base etc.).

* Provide economic injection mold(domestic mold base, kinds of insert materials are optional.).

* Provide mass production of plastic parts molding.

Our mold teams support from mold development, design, manufacture to injection molding production, the senior engineers provide reliable technical support on mold flow analysis, tool design, making and troubleshooting, the project manager control the whole procedure to ensure a timely and qualified delivery. welcome to come together to develop and complete your project.

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Mold base: LKM mouldbase, Hasco Standard

Mould base /Core/Cav. Steel: P20, H13, 718H,

Type of Gate: Edge gate(Side gate), Pin point gate, YUDO hot tip, Sub-gate, Banana gate

Runner System: Hot runner, cold runner

Lifters/Sliders: Design according to product structure

Part Material: ABS, PP, HIPS, PE

Cavities: 1*1 or 1*Multiple or Multiple * Multiple.

Surface: Texture, Mirror polishing, etc.


1.The teams with clear target to provide reliable service and delivery

2.Professional mold design team

3.Professional mold making machines

4.Professional mold and product QC and tec team

5.Rich mold making experience with different clients from various country

6.Our professional engineers team design, make and check the mold in each step:

7.Our engineers follow the molds' production every week to make sure all of them are in schedule;

8.After trial production, we will check the samples to make sure all are right

9.We will send the sample and dimension report to our clients for approval

10.After everything is OK, we will do final inspection on the molds and products before shipment.



1. Understand your requirements carefully and clearly.

2. Mold Flow Analysis is option as per your needs.

3. Our engineer team will send tooling 2D for confirm with gate location and gate option, parting line positions etc details for you approve.

4. After confirming with tooling 2D, then we will go through for tooling 3D for you approve.

5. After you approved both tooling 2D&3D, we will go ahead for cut off mould base material, core and cavity etc.

6. Tooling making in progress,we will send some pictures to you for progress reporting.

7. Tooling assembly and T0 trial  ie...checking parting line,and do sight modification to fit the tool well.

8. T1 trial (we will send a trial report to you).

9. Ship out several samples to you for approve purpose.

10. After get approve instructions from you,JX will start production.


Plastic Injection Mold Workshop and Equipment Show

Mold making process



Plastic parts production



Q: Does your company can support mold flow ?

A: Yes, we do. It is separated into two conditions, one is do normal moldflow analysis in our own factory, cheaper. another is to do it through our sub-contractor, more professional with every details with a higher costs, involve shrinkage , deformation, etc.. details, and it also can submit MFR report. 

Q: Do your guys have experiences in export standard mold?

A: Yes, of course. It is our strength to do export standard mold. We have exported molds to UK, Ireland, US, Australia, Franch for around ten years. You send request details to us such as (cavity ,parts material ,rapid tool or mass production tool ,HASCO STANDARD or LKM or Chinese mould base, quantity ,mould life) etc…Then a proper quotation offer can be provided to you very soon.

Q:What’re the applications?

A:Auto, Motor, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories, Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, Computer shell products , Arts & Crafts, Home appliance parts, Industrial Equipment & Components , LED Light Industry, Lights & Lighting , Tools & Hardware , Toys….. 

Q:How to start a project?

A:When we receive your requirement with drawings details, we will make a quotation to you. Once we come to an agreement on the quotation with quality, delivery and cost, the project will be started in our project team, we will keep discussion with you during the processing. Status reports and feedbacks are provided to achieve a quality and timely delivery. 

Q:Why choose us?

A:12 Years Manufacture Experience in making high quality export mold as well as mass plastic products supplying.

Good quality parts and products with best price;

Timely delivery;

Well communication on every requirement;

Reliable foreign sales team to provide professional service.


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