Arc Auto Parts Stamping Parts Production

All kinds of audio amplifier plate stainless steel bending forming stamping parts JX mainly produce car metal bending parts cnc and stainless steel bending parts 90 degree bend bracket, Sheet metal has yet to have a complete definition. According to a definition of a professional journals, it...Half arc rice is my company a product of the parts, made of high-radiance 616 steel, due to structural needs, require 3mm thick 616 steel curved into 1/4 arc shape, the entire part of the arc Semi-U-shaped bottom of the structure. The special shape of the workpiece bending and mold design caused some difficulties.

Product Details

arc Auto parts stamping parts production
Generally asymmetric parts of the bend, we must first consider the bending of the workpiece will produce asymmetric lateral force, so the mold design to be managed to overcome the deflection of the workpiece bending, usually by setting the die on the mold device, The use of positioning or anti-offset structure to overcome the bending of the workpiece may occur when the material go.

    Taking into account the yield strength and tensile strength of the material and the deformation resistance of a larger value, the rebound is larger, so according to the structure of the workpiece, the design shown in Figure 2 with a calibration function of the mold structure. Set the mold on the press processing. First, the ejector rod 3 under the action of the elastic cushion of the press, the pressure plate 4 is raised to flush with the right end face of the bending die 1, the work, the blank placed on the concave surface, the press slider Down, curved punch 2 together with the blank 4 compacting the blank, with the slide slowly down the press, bending punch bending die 1 and the press plate 4 gradually sheet metal bending forming .

    In order to overcome the sheet slippage problem caused by the lateral force formed by the unilateral bending of the workpiece, the left end of the curved concave die 1 is specifically designed to be smm higher than the right end when the die structure is designed. The blank is positioned on the left end surface of the curved concave die 1, Because before the blank is bent, the pressure plate 4 is pushed up by the ejector rod 3 to be flush with the right end of the bending die 1 so that the sheet can be bent and convex in the whole process of positioning, bending and alignment Mold 2 and the pressure plate 4 and the bending force of the left side of the concave die 1 favorable hindering effect, effectively preventing the bending of the workpiece position. Although the pressure is applied to the work piece, the deflection of the work piece under the lateral force is controlled. However, since the bending angle is 1/4, the bending center angle is small and the deformation area is small, making it difficult to control the position of the circular arc. Angle of the impact of springback, so that the workpiece can not meet the shape requirements, but also need to use full-shaped template to rely on manual correction to ensure the arc accuracy. In order to guarantee the special requirement of 1/4 arc shape, only the method of reserve machining amount for arc, correction and then machining removal can be used in the process.

    Due to the high strength of the workpiece, the calibration is difficult, resulting in high operating intensity of the worker. Due to the increase of machining processes, the production efficiency is reduced and the product cost is increased.

Our Service
• We manufacture and serve according to clients' drawings precisely and efficiently.
• We have QC testers with rich experiences.
• Check the raw material before starting production
• Have the random inspection during the processing.
• Make the 100% inspection before the shipments.

High quality
Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system authentication and ROHS authentication.


All prototype products have to go through 4 checks in the whole process:
1. Raw material inspection
2. In processing inspection
3. Final inspection
4. Outgoing inspection

Q:Are you a factory?
A:Yes, we are. we are a manufacturer in CNC Machining, Metal Fabrication and Plastic Injection Mold fields with more than ten years experiences in Dongguan City, near ShenZhen. Sincerely welcome you to visit us when you come to China. A face to face meeting will increase deep understanding between us!

Q:How many employees do you have?
A:Administration / sales  6
Engineering  5
Operating machinery engineer  25
Quality assurance / inspection  5

Q:Do you accept the order for small pieces of parts manufacture?
A:Yes, of course. We specialize in the customized prototypes and variety samples.

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