Music Badge Sheet Metal Stamping Production

Badges according to the material can be divided into metal chapter, porcelain chapter, lacquered wood chapter, plastic chapter, electric wood chapter; aluminum badge is the most common, it is lightweight, bright. Plastic badges do not wear, wear and collection have limitations. In recent years the development of stainless steel badge production, thin body, exquisite workmanship, color accurate, surface bright, easy to corrosion, both for wearing, by the collection. Bronze medal is generally a special medal, which is characterized by mellow, rugged, precious, especially copper texture, with a king style. Gold medal is a very important symbol in the medal, usually a limited edition for a special commemorative event. Ceramic surface bright and smooth pattern, corrosion-resistant but brittle. Ceramic chapter is rare, generally have a high artistic and collectible value. Bamboo in the production process, texture, color and other aspects are superior. Dry easily in the dry north.

Product Details

music badge sheet metal stamping production

Badges commonly used technology by material points:

Copper badge, iron badge, aluminum badge, zinc alloy badge, plastic badge, PVC badge, pewter badge and so on.

Badges commonly used by the forming process points:

Stamping badges, casting badges, bingo badges, die-casting badges and more.

Badges commonly used by way of color can be divided into:

True imitation enamel, imitation enamel, paint, screen printing, lithography and so on.

Zinc alloy badge

    Metal signs to create a distinctive advertising in the current high-speed circulation of information in the community, advertisers if you want their advertising messages to the maximum acceptable to the audience, the personality is very important. Interactive digital signage integrated "multi-touch technology", "image recognition", "augmented reality", human-computer interaction tracking, gesture remote control, stereo imaging, 3D, identification technology, The vitality, so that people can relax the ad enjoyment, the effect is more with less.


As the scope of application continues to broaden, digital signage has become a frequent visitor to many places such as office buildings, department stores, shopping malls, parking lots, schools, factories and the like, and more and more users are faced with it. Digital signage products that integrate into interactive technologies will have greater flexibility in meeting multiple needs, especially for the 80,90 after the excitement of individuality. Realistic interests will stimulate the demand of advertisers, thus promoting the rapid growth of interactive markets. Industry experts believe that the increase in market demand will enable digital signage manufacturers to increase investment, interactive application market will rapidly expand into an important point of the Nuggets.

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