Sheet Metal Custom Samples And Production

Sheet metal has many advantages such as light weight, high strength, conductivity (which can be used for electromagnetic shielding), low cost and mass production performance. It has been widely used in the fields of electronics, communications, automobile industry and medical equipment, for example, Computer chassis, cell phones, MP3, sheet metal is an integral part. With the application of sheet metal more and more widely, the design of sheet metal has become a very important part of the product development process, mechanical engineers must master the design skills of sheet metal, making the design of sheet metal not only meet the product Function and appearance requirements, but also makes stamping die manufacturing simple, low cost.

Product Details

Sheet metal is the sheet metal hardware, that is, by stamping, bending, stretching and other means to processing parts, a general definition is - in the processing of the same thickness of the parts. Corresponds to the casting parts, forging parts, machining parts, such as car outside the shell is sheet metal parts, stainless steel do some kitchenware is sheet metal parts.

Modern sheet metal processes include: filament power winding, laser cutting, heavy-duty machining, metal bonding, metal drawing, plasma cutting, precision welding, roll forming, sheet metal bending, die forging, water jet cutting, precision welding, etc. .

Sheet metal surface treatment sheet metal processing is also a very important part of the process, because it has to prevent parts rust, beautify the appearance of the product and so on. Sheet metal surface pretreatment is mainly to the role of oil, scale, rust, etc., it is prepared for the surface after treatment, and then deal with spray (baking) paint, spray and rust-proof coating and so on.

3D software, SolidWorks, UG, Pro / E, SolidEdge, TopSolid, CATIA and so has a sheet metal parts, mainly through the 3D graphics editing and sheet metal processing required to obtain the data (such as expansion plans, bending Wire, etc.) as well as providing data for CNC Punching Machine / Laser, plasma, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet Cutting Machine / Combination Machine and CNC Bending Machine .


Our Service
• We manufacture and serve according to clients' drawings precisely and efficiently.
• We have QC testers with rich experiences.
• Check the raw material before starting production
• Have the random inspection during the processing.
• Make the 100% inspection before the shipments.

High quality
Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system authentication and ROHS authentication.



 prototype products have to go through 4 checks in the whole process:
1. Raw material inspection
2. In processing inspection
3. Final inspection
4. Outgoing inspection

About Request a quote:
Any Sheet metal parts/stamping product /aluminum enclosure/stainless steel case/metal box/metal steel panel/metal base/CNC milling machined parts/CNC turning machining parts, etc...Quotes can be requested via e-mail, fax, phone or mail. The best way is to send us a drawing of your product and specifying the quantity.

*** please let us know if you need help or are having trouble with sending information.

tinents such as North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Oceania, etc. either by container or LCL.

Depending on customers' requirement, we also arrange air shipment or delivery service.

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