Sheet Stamping Manufacture

Customize a variety of small large-scale sheet metal, a variety of specifications, the number from 1PCS to thousands of PCS, please provide 2D and 3D. We offer immediately

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Sheet stamping manufacture

Custom computer chassis sheet metal, machine parts board gold, all kinds of sheet metal custom production ,We accept small orders

Sheet metal has many advantages such as light weight, high strength, conductivity (which can be used for electromagnetic shielding), low cost and mass production performance. It has been widely used in the fields of electronics, communications, automobile industry and medical equipment, for example, Computer chassis, cell phones, MP3, sheet metal is an integral part. With the application of sheet metal more and more widely, the design of sheet metal has become a very important part of the product development process, mechanical engineers must master the design skills of sheet metal, making the design of sheet metal not only meet the product Function and appearance requirements, but also makes stamping die manufacturing simple, low cost.

Sample show:



Q: Do you do incoming quality check? and how?
A: Yes, we do incoming quality check, since we concern the importance of procedure at prototype zone, so we usually use Vernier and weight scale ,visual look ,and related shipping documents to do IQC inspection.


Q: Do you take the SLS job?
A: Yes, we do,not only SLS,as well as SLA. Please send the 3D(step)format, as well as quantity, material, surface finish details to us.


Q: Do you have 5 axis CNC milling machine ?
A:No. we only have two sets of 5 axis CNC milling machine, but we do have 5 axis CNC milling machine sub contractor which we had more than four years business cooperation.

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