Custom Medichine Rotary Shaft Metal Parts

Custom all kinds of metal stamping parts any type of stamping factory We are specialize in customize punch mold,sheet parts coated and metal forming and stamping metal parts, which is efficient production methods, the use of compound die, especially the multi-station progressive die, can be in a... Rotary shaft HINGE Damping shaft Notebook shaft Shaft PC shaft Shaft hinge Shaft hinge Shaft hinge Shaft hinge Shaft hinge Shaft hinge Shaft hinge Shaft hinge Shaft Table lamp shaft, Bluetooth keyboard shaft, mouse shaft, phone shaft, electronic dictionary shaft, point of reading machine turn

Product Details

Custom medichine rotary shaft metal Parts

skills requirement

1. unilateral dynamic friction torque value:

2 life test 20000 times, the attenuation rate of not more than 15% of the test angle of 0-125 °;

3. Effective opening angle 0-125 shipping angle of 90 °; 0 have a feel

4. The product surface shall not have any stains and edges;

5. Grease use G-1523;

6. Parts in line with the EU ROHS norms


Q: Do you do incoming quality check? and how?
A: Yes, we do incoming quality check, since we concern the importance of procedure at prototype zone, so we usually use Vernier and weight scale ,visual look ,and related shipping documents to do IQC inspection.


Q: Do you take the SLS job?
A: Yes, we do,not only SLS,as well as SLA. Please send the 3D(step)format, as well as quantity, material, surface finish details to us.


Q: Do you have 5 axis CNC milling machine ?
A:No. we only have two sets of 5 axis CNC milling machine, but we do have 5 axis CNC milling machine sub contractor which we had more than four years business cooperation.


Q: How do you check the high quality flatness products?
A: TBD. This should be start from the initial process to control, final inspection is just for double checking purpose, we will report to you once we received RFQ from you. But Don’t worry please ,we will only see yes when we feel confidence project, and we will be sure inform to you at quotation stage.

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