Laser Cutting TIG Welding

Laser Cutting TIG Welding

As you may know,sheet meatal parts is suit for many kinds of industry zoon, so just pass your 2D and 3D to us, then we will submit you stasified products, nomatter for 1 pcs to mass production, we will do!Professional stamping home appliance parts medical supplies aviation materials parts manufacturing Stamping is mainly classified according to process, which can be divided into two categories: separation process and forming process. The separation process is also said to be blanking. The aim is to separate the stamping parts from the sheet material along a certain contour line while ensuring the quality requirements of the separation section.

Product Details

laser Cutting ,TIG Welding


Superior processing performance

The fastest processing efficiency ≥300mm2/min The best surface roughness Ra≤0.6μm The machining accuracy is less than 0.010 mm

Characteristic advantage

1) High-strength resin sand castings for key castings such as bed, X-Y axle carriage and column

2) Make full use of slow wire technology, AC servo system, with mechanical zero point and pitch compensation

3) Patent structure column protection door and new wire waterproof structure, multiple working fluid filtration system

4) Ordinary fast wire guide wheel structure, can achieve roughness Ra0.8um without using guide

5) All products meet the national standards

6) Slow wire high frequency pulse power supply not only achieves both cutting speed and surface roughness, but also ensures stable processing under extremely high speed cutting conditions.

7) Equipped with advanced and unique high-frequency pulse power supply to achieve low loss: molybdenum wire loss per 100,000 mm2 is less than 0.005mm;

8) Control machine through high temperature aging process

9) Achieve multiple cutting functions

10) Professional high-quality industrial control computer, international brand device, ensuring stable and reliable performance

11) The X and Y axes adopt Japanese Mitsubishi AC servo drive and drive motor, which is more stable in processing and has higher cutting precision.

12) High-precision ball screw and linear guide for pitch compensation, greatly improving positioning accuracy and mechanical followability

13) Patented vertical column pull-type protection mechanism, new wire path waterproof structure, effectively reduce splashing of working fluid, protect the environment

14) Hand control box operation


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