Sheet Metal Bending Products

OEM large stainless steel material stamping die customization Sheet metal process and stainless steel punching and large sheet metal stamping. Stamping products are everywhere in life, such as planes, trains, cars and tractors, and there are many large, medium and small stamping. The body of the...

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Sheet Metal Bending Products

Jin xin factory is a professional Specializing in the production of machinery and equipment enclosures, chassis, cabinets, furniture hardware accessories, metal gift 

cutting, auto parts and various types of stamping parts, large-scale exhibition hall stainless steel products finishing. And according to customer requirements, design 

and manufacture of a variety of consoles, battery cabinets, screen walls and standard non-standard chassis. We will be customer-centered, excellent quality, excellent 

service, fast delivery, preferential prices for you.

manufacture which main service is CNC sheet metal prototypes,sheet metal production,

stamping sheet metal,sheet metal forming,Die Metal Stamping Parts,Extrusion Molding Products,Progressive Die Metal Stamping etc...

We can accept common metal material is as below:

Round bar: SUS 303, 304,316 ,316L, aluminum 6060 series; 6061 series; 6082 series ,7075 sereis ; zinc alloy, titanium alloy,invar allot etc...

Sheet material:SUS 303, 304,316 ,316L, aluminum 6060 series; 6061 series; 6082 series ,7075 sereis ; zinc alloy, titanium alloy,invar allot etc...

Regards sheet metal laser cutting hole knowledge:

Laser drilling

The pulsed laser can be used for punching, and the pulse width is 0.1 to 1 millisecond, which is particularly suitable for playing micro-holes and irregular-shaped 

holes with an aperture of about 0.005 to 1 mm. Laser drilling has been widely used for the processing of workpieces such as jewel bearings, diamond wire dies and 

chemical fiber spinners for watches and meters. In the shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and other industries, continuous CO2 lasers from 100W to 10,000 watts are 

often used to cut large workpieces, which not only ensures accurate space curve shapes but also has high processing efficiency. The cutting of small workpieces is 

usually done with medium or low power solid-state lasers or CO2 lasers. In microelectronics, lasers are often used to cut silicon wafers or to cut narrow slits, which 

are fast and have a small heat affected zone. Using a laser to engrave or mark workpieces on the assembly line does not affect the speed of the assembly line. Engraved 

characters can be permanently maintained.

Laser trimming

The medium and small power lasers are used to remove some of the materials on the electronic components, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the electrical 

parameters (such as resistance value, capacitance and resonant frequency, etc.). Laser trimming accuracy, high speed, suitable for large-scale production. Similar 

principles can be used to repair defective integrated circuit masks, repair integrated circuit memory to increase yield, and to achieve precise dynamic balance 

adjustment of the gyro.

Laser heat treatment

By irradiating the material with laser light, selecting an appropriate wavelength and controlling the irradiation time and power density, the surface of the material 

can be melted and recrystallized to achieve the purpose of quenching or annealing. The advantage of laser heat treatment is that it can control the depth of heat 

treatment, can choose and control the heat treatment site, the workpiece deformation is small, can handle complicated parts and components, can handle the blind hole 

and deep hole inner wall. For example, the cylinder piston can be prolonged by laser heat treatment; laser heat treatment can restore the ion bombardment of the 

damaged silicon material.

The scope of application of laser processing is still expanding, such as the use of lasers to manufacture large-scale integrated circuits, without resist, simple 

process, and can carry out high-precision etching processing of patterns below 0.5 microns, thereby greatly increasing the degree of integration. In addition, new 

processes such as laser evaporation, laser melting and laser deposition are also under development. 2.2 Processing quality

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High quality
Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system authentication and ROHS authentication.

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Q:What finishes can you provide?

A:Mostly, we can meet the requirements for product's surface treatment from you.You can tell us your standard and then we can discuss it or give some better suggestions to you.

Q:Which kind of quality check equipments you’re using?
A:Digital caliper, Pin gauge, Thread plug gauge, Thread Ring gauge, Bore gauge, Micrometer, Coordinate measuring machine etc.

Q:How do you control the quality?
A:We produce products based on design drawings strictly; NEW JINXIN’s engineers and operators are very skillful and strict on each process, double check & confirm are mandatory performed, the quality control team to guarantee it; we have fully communication with all relevant teams and customers, to reach customers satisfaction is our target.

Q:How do you ensure the quality of products?
A:All products 100% are inspected before shipment.

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