Stamping Parts Prototypes And Production

custom metal parts and stamping parts or stamping mold technology. Stamping parts quality,...Continuous stamping metal products can be deal with on the surface treatment Stamping die is an essential part of stamping production technology and equipment, is a technology-intensive products, custom metal parts and stamping parts or stamping mold technology. We can also provide stamping process and after milling service, as well as the surface treatment choose our prototype service please click here for details.

Product Details

We(JX) do 

• Timely report and discuss with customer if there have any design issue or process confirm points;
• According to order quantity to do the full inspection or AQC inspection,we are stricly follow our QC follow chart to process inspection.

• One pcs to few hundreds to mass production order  are acceptable .

.Good package and booking air and sea shipment

About us

We (JX) perfers working with customer ! we are a group! we repsect customer's design and we are be our customer's honest supplier, always listen to customer , report to customer, discuss with customer is our mission!When we run up each project, there only one leader whom is our valuable customer. 

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