Stamping Progressive Tooling

Stamping Progressive Tooling

OEM large stainless steel material stamping die customization Sheet metal process and stainless steel punching and large sheet metal stamping. Stamping products are everywhere in life, such as planes, trains, cars and tractors, and there are many large, medium and small stamping. The body of the...

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Stamping Progressive Tooling

Jin xin factory excellent quality, excellent service, fast delivery, preferential prices for you.Main service is  professional Specializing in the production of machinery and equipment enclosures, chassis, cabinets, furniture hardware accessories, metal gift 

cutting, auto parts and various types of stamping parts, large-scale exhibition hall stainless steel products finishing. And according to customer requirements, design 

and manufacture of a variety of consoles, battery cabinets, screen walls and standard non-standard chassis. We will be customer-centered, excellent quality, excellent 

service, fast delivery, preferential prices for you.

About sheet metal knowledge:

Spray processing precautions

Spray processing precautions

Spraying Process Precautions - Spraying Process Safety Technical Measures 1. Spraying personnel must undergo safety training and must not work without training. 2. All paint spraying equipment and tools must be fully inspected before painting work. ...More

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