Rapid Prototype Tool And Injection Parts Production

Rapid Prototype Tool And Injection Parts Production

Analysis of process tasks proposed by the molding method, equipment type, material specifications, mold structure type and other requirements are appropriate, can be implemented. Molding materials should meet the strength requirements of plastic parts, with good fluidity, uniformity and isotropy, thermal stability. Depending on the purpose of the plastic part, the molding material shall meet the requirements of dyeing, metallization, decorative properties, necessary elasticity and plasticity, transparency or vice versa, adhesiveness or weldability. *** determine the molding method   Using direct pressure method, casting pressure method or injection method. *** Select molding equipment

Product Details

Proofreading, review plans, tracing, send the sun

 A. self-proofing content is:

  1. Die and its parts and plastic parts drawings of the relationship

   Die and mold parts of the material, hardness, dimensional accuracy, structure, etc. are in line with the requirements of plastic drawings.

  2. Plastic parts

  Plastic flow flow, shrinkage, weld marks, cracks, demoulding slope affect the use of plastic parts performance, dimensional accuracy, surface quality and other requirements. Whether the lack of pattern design, processing is simple, the molding material shrinkage selection is correct.

  3. Forming equipment

  Injection volume, injection pressure, clamping force is not enough, the mold installation, plastic parts of the South core, with or without mold release, injection machine nozzle and 哓 mouth set whether the correct contact.

  Die structure

 5. Design drawings

 6. Check processing performance

 7. Re-calculate the main working dimensions of aids

B. Professional proofreading in principle, according to the designer's own proofreading project; but to focus on the structural principle, process performance and operational safety.

  Tracing the map to digest graphics, according to national standard requirements, fill in all the size and technical requirements. After the school description and signature.

 C. The good background map submitted to the designer proofing proofing, customary practice by the tool manufacturing unit related technical personnel review, will sign, check the manufacturing process, and then can be sent to the sun.

 D .. Writing manufacturing process card


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