Food Stand Silicon Parts Production

food stand silicon parts production Die heating: die temperature rose to 150-160 ℃ on the material, before walking on the material to be in the mold on the mold between the screw empty and spray anti-rust agent to prevent sticking down screw holes ( Flap or template machine).

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food stand silicon parts production

Forming General molding rubber or TPU should be attached to the male mold 1 rubber molding (usually molding should have rubber attached to the male mold) flow chart: miximg -> molding -> mold -> Die -> mold heating (parameter setting) -> Scales belt -> discharge belt -> Molding -> Pick -> cooling test -----> The second process Silicone rubber is Polyorganosiloxane-based compounds - Silicone rubber is unique synthetic rubber. In general, the raw rubber mixed with reinforcing fillers, peroxide vulcanizing agents and / or colorants and other additives, and then cured by heating, you can get a highly flexible material of practical value. Hot press vulcanization molding conditions - General information: Mold temperature (155 ~ 165) ± 5 ℃ Machine parameter setting: Upper mold temperature: 160-170 ℃ Lower mold temperature: 150-160 ℃ Molding pressure (100 ~ 200) ± 40 kgf / cm2 Sulfur Time: According to the actual situation (according to the rubber size, weight, shape, etc.) Alignment times: generally two times Mold time: (60 ~ 160) ± 10 * Need to join the vulcanization agent, additives: (refining time is generally 10-20 minutes) 1. Sulfur agent (add too easily lead to deformation, poor mobility, the size of the phenomenon of shortening; the contrary, if the additive is too small , Easy to cause the wrapper, the hardness is too soft, the size becomes longer), 2. release agent (easy to remove from the mold, when the external release agent spray uneven, can cause Keypd stripping paint or was Cracking, the release of the external release agent if too much will produce: oil cracking, printing can not print up, spraying Ink will fall off; internal release agent, usually directly added to the raw material of silicone rubber, the purpose of the system is easy to shape镆 镆) 3. Anti-yellowing agent (usually added with sulfurizing agent C-15 at the same time Yellow agent 319) 4 shrink powder (lipid state): When the baking is completed, if Keypad size is too large, you can add shredded powder (SHL) to make it size; but when shrinking powder used more than 2%, the effect Less obvious, the results are also poor. 5. Color (toner reconcile the ratio), mold heating: the mold temperature rises to 150-160 ℃ when the material on the walk before the material to be taken in the mold on the template between the screw empty and around Spray anti-rust agent to prevent sticking down screw holes (flap or template machine).



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