Silicon Prototypes Bacth Production

Silicon Prototypes Bacth Production

A variety of silicone rubber PROTOTYPES and small batch production

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Silicon prototypes bacth production

food stand silicon parts production 

Die heating: die temperature rose to 150-160 ℃ on the material, before walking on the material to be in the mold on the mold between the screw empty and spray anti-rust agent to prevent sticking down screw holes ( Flap or template machine).

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Q: What kinds of materials you can process?
A: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, brass, plastic etc metal.

Q: What kind of surface treatment you can provide?
A: Polishing,chrome plating,zinc plating,nickel plating,anodize,power coating, aluminum oxide, brushing.

Q: What kind of facilities do you have?
A:Wire-cut, electric discharge master(EDM), CNC machining center, high speed punch, bending machine, injection machine etc,and CMM, tool microscope, projector, height gauge toassure good quality high quality.

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