Silicon Vacuum Casting Protypes with Funcation

Silicon Vacuum Casting Protypes with Funcation

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Product Details

Silicone double mastermind advantages:

    Vacuum complex mode provides customers with a wide range of options, complex process can produce a variety of complex parts of the small batch products, molds used in the mold material is silicone, so once the soft film production, the life of the mold with the product structure Have a great relationship, the general life of silicone mold in 10-40 times. Complex mode is an ideal low-cost process for producing small batch samples. Complex mold technology to adapt to a wide range of small, as small as the gear, as large as cars and medical accessories can use the complex mode to make a small batch of samples.

  Complex mode of processing:

  The CNC or 3D printing, SLA, SLS processed prototype put simple mold center, then pour liquid silicone inside, the silicone mold with a blade is divided into two parts, the prototype from the solidified silicone mold out, empty out Like the prototype cavity, and finally the liquid mold compound material into the mold, and other materials in the mold after curing with the prototype to form the same product. The company is located in:


Complex mold supporting tools: Complex mold technician used auxiliary tools are pliers, the use of pliers to mold together and separate, you can remove the mold inside the cured sample.


Complex mode vacuum machine: the mold has been injected into the mold material inside the vacuum machine, and then out of the cavity of the air, the silicone mold has been injected into the material in the air are also discharged together, so that the cured product surface will not have bubble.


Complex pressure cylinder: the vacuum pump has been drawn into the pressure in the cylinder, which must be added to play the pressure, the mold and product better shape.

Our Service


Low Volume

3D pringting

Low Volume

Mould Tooling

Plastic Part manufacture

CNC Milling of metal and plastic parts

Gravity Die

SLA - 450X450X600MM,
0.02- 0.05 layer build


Rapid Tools in 15 - 25 Days

Low volumes

CNC Turning of metal and plastic parts

Pressure Die



Production tools

High Volumes

Gear Machining

Investment Casting (lost Wax)

Vacuum Casting

Threaded Inserts

P20, H13, NAK80 etc.

Wide range of materials available

Various surface finishes available,
Anodising Polishing Brushing Etc.

Post processing Machining.Bearing fits, tapping of threads, machining fine tolerances.

CNC machining of plastic models

Various surface finishes available.Painting and Plating

Export tooling to European, Japanese and American standards. HASCO / DME etc.

Various colours and colour matching available

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